2015 North American Irish Dance Championships


The New England Region would like to thank all of the teachers and volunteers that graciously assisted us at the 2015 North American Irish Dance Championships. The week was a testament to our great organization. Best of luck to the Southern Region next year, hosting the 2016 NAIDC in Orlando, Florida.


The IDTANA (and by extension the IDTANE) operates under the auspices of AnCoimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (The Irish Dancing Commission), Dublin, Ireland. All members of the IDTANA are registered as a TMRF, TCRG or ADCRG by An Coimisiun.

While not members of AnCoimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (The Irish Dancing Commission) each teacher must pay dues to them, to the IDTANA and their regional body in order to remain registered as a TMRF, Teacher or an ADCRG. North America Currently has sixteen members on the AnCoimisiun Board, six of whom have been elected as Vice-Presidents.

Executive Board

Regional Director:
Brenda Crossen Finn ADCRG
[email protected]
Helen O’Dwyer Lisacki - ADCRG
Corresponding Secretary:
Megan Slocum TCRG
Vice Regional Director:
Michael Smith ADCRG
Recording Secretary:
Clare McInerney TCRG
Sergeant at Arms:
Rita O’Shea ADCRG