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A Message from the 2021 Oireachtas Chairpeople

We are very excited to welcome you to Hartford in less than two months for the 2021 New England Oireachtas! We know that many of you are waiting to hear what measures and protocols will be in place to keep this a safe event for all.

The City of Hartford will be announcing a new mandate on October 1st. To provide you with the most specific and up-to-date information, we are extending entries for the Oireachtas until October 8th. This will allow us to see exactly what the new mandate contains and develop safety measures for the Oireachtas based on the most current city and state requirements. An announcement with our projected safety protocols for the Oireachtas will be made in advance of the close of entries on October 8th. The chairpeople and Regional Director have been working with the regional Covid committee to formulate plans and generate the best ideas on how to keep everyone safe.

Please keep in mind that the situation is very fluid and the mandate issued on October 1st could still change yet again before our Oireachtas in November. The chairpeople and Regional Director have everyone's health and safety at the forefront of our minds while planning this event with the challenges of an ongoing pandemic.

Thank you,

Michael, Megan, Karen, and Erin


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