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General Oireachtas Information

A gentle reminder for all, everyone working at the Oireachtas is a volunteer. Some things may be different this year. Please be patient and kind. Looking forward to an exciting weekend! Competitor Number Distribution ALL dancers will collect their numbers at the table outside the ballroom in which they will dance. Numbers will be available the afternoon/evening before the competition as well as the morning of the competition 1 hour before the competition is scheduled to begin. Number collection hours will be as follows:

  • Friday Dancers: Thursday evening 5-8, Friday and 1 hour before the start of each competition (i.e., if your competition is at 11 am, numbers can be collected at 10 am)

  • Saturday Dancers: Friday afternoon 3-5, and Saturday 1 hour before the start of each competition

  • Sunday Dancers: Saturday afternoon 3-5, and Sunday 1 hour before the start of each competition

Competitors will need to submit signed Covid waivers for themselves & their spectators before they can receive their numbers, bracelets, and patches. No one will receive a number without a signed waiver. You will need a waiver for each day you attend/dance in the Oireachtas. Recalls - Will be announced in the Ballroom where the first 2 rounds were danced. Recalls can also found on our social media pages. Number Check Dancers will re-appear in the order in which they danced for the judges to confirm that they have assigned the correct score to each dancer. This will happen for the first two rounds as follows:

  • For all Boys & Men’s coms there will be no number check for competitions with 5 or fewer dancers

  • For Girls & Ladies competitions the number check will happen after every 15 rounds

Traditional Set Placements/Medal Round Results Will be posted on the NEIDT social media- Medal for championships solo rounds can be picked up at awards or at the program book table if the dancer is not attending awards. Mass - All are welcome to join the celebration of Mass which will take place on Saturday at 4 PM in Ballroom B. Awards Ceremony All Awards Ceremonies will commence in Ballroom C (downstairs in the Convention Center) upon completion of the last competition of the day.

  • Championship dancers who recall will receive Awards Ceremony bracelets for themselves & their spectators upon check-in for their set round.

  • Trad set dancers who have placed will collect their Awards Ceremony bracelets at a table outside the awards Ballroom C.

All dancers and spectators attending the Awards Ceremony will need an Awards Ceremony bracelet. The Awards Ceremony will be livestreamed on our social media pages for those who cannot attend in person.

Additional Information Access up-to-date information through our social media pages and website. Look for ballroom status updates, recall postings, championship medal round results, final results, award ceremony info, and more by visiting and


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