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COVID Updates

The Chairpeople and Regional Director continue to work towards holding a safe and successful New England Regional Oireachtas. In addition to information previously released, we would like to inform you of the following details:
  • Dancers and their two permitted spectators will receive daily admission bracelets for their respective dance day only. Bracelets for each day of competition will permit access to all competition ballrooms on that day (ie. if you dance on Friday, you and your two spectators can access all ballrooms during competitions on Friday).

  • In order to obtain bracelets for each day, dancers and their spectators must complete and turn in a Covid Waiver Form, which will be available shortly. Each dancer's Covid Waiver Form must be signed by the dancer (or parent/guardian on behalf of a minor) and both spectators. Multiple waiver forms for one dancer are not permitted.

  • Daily admission bracelets will be provided at number pick-up, at which time dancers will also receive their 2021 competitor patches.

  • Separate award ceremony bracelets will be provided to those dancers who recall/place on their dance day. Solo championship dancers will receive their three bracelets (dancer plus two spectators) when checking in for their set round. Traditional Set placers can pick up their three bracelets outside the awards ballroom.

  • There will be different daily admission bracelets and awards ceremony bracelets for each day.

  • Awards ceremonies each day will be Live Streamed in order to provide access for those unable to attend.

  • At this time, dancers will not be required to wear masks while dancing. However, this is subject to change depending on the State of Connecticut, City of Hartford, and Convention Center mandates in place at the time of the event.

  • The first two rounds of solo championship competitions will be danced on 60' by 32' stages, split in half, and dancers will remain on their half of the stage.

  • Traditional set competitions will be danced on 32' by 32' stages, split in half, and dancers will remain on their half of the stage.

  • As previously stated, masks will be required for all attendees ages 2 and up. Convention Center security will enforce the mask mandate. As stated in the Oireachtas syllabus, the chairpeople and regional board reserve the right to remove anyone who refuses to observe event guidelines including masking requirements.

  • At this time, proof of Covid vaccination and negative Covid tests are not required for entry to the event.

We will continue to provide updates as we get closer to the event. Please direct any questions to your teacher(s). - The Oireachtas Chairpeople


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