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COVID Information

The chairpeople and regional director are committed to holding a safe and fun New England Regional Oireachtas. We would like to share some of our plans to keep everyone healthy, but please keep in mind these plans may change due to evolving local and federal mandates. Currently, we will require the following:

1. All attendees, adjudicators, and musicians (ages 2 and up) must wear a mask when inside the Hartford Convention Center and the competition spaces of the Marriott hotel. This includes the practice rooms, ballrooms, hallways, etc.

2. Seating will be in pods of 4 with adequate spacing between pods.

3. Dancers will be allowed two spectators only.

4. For the first two rounds of championships and all traditional sets, stages will be split in half and dancers will remain on their half of the stage.

5. All attendees will be required to sign a Covid waiver releasing the region, Hartford Convention Center, and the Marriott from any responsibility.

We are actively working with the Convention center on further protocols, but we must inform you at this time that there is a possibility that the dancers may have to wear masks on stage while dancing. We would all prefer that they be allowed to remove their masks while dancing, but the convention center has expressed that they may not permit this, depending on a number of factors. In the interest of transparency ahead of the close of entries, we felt it necessary to alert you to this possibility so that you may prepare your dancers. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate the challenges of hosting an event of this size during the ongoing pandemic.


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