Dear Member,

Below is your online registration form for IDTANA/IDTANA-New England Region Inc. for the period 2018-2019.

Please read the form carefully and complete fully. Below is an explanation of fee structure etc.
Annual Dues are due in full by a submission date of September 1st. Double fees will be due after this date. Failure to pay dues by September 15th of the same year will result in a member no longer being in good standing. Being a member who is not in good standing includes, but is not limited to not being eligible to adjudicate or enter students in competition. Students of a teacher not in good standing are eligible for a free transfer. Double fees will be accepted between September 2nd and September 15th. Re-instatement will Not be accepted again until Sept. 1st of the following year. Members in good standing will be listed on the IDTANE Website.